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    Building MU01 in the Digital City in Riyadh.
    Yes. There is cooperative training for university graduates. You can apply via email:​
    The Ministry receives job applications electronically. There is no need to apply in person. You can apply through the Recruitment Portal on the Ministry’s website.
    You can inquire about submitted job applications on the Recruitment Portal. The portal engages with the user by sending updates via email and SMS.
    You can visit the Media Center page to find all local energy sector updates and Ministry news. You can also visit the daily Press Kit to find the energy news published in local newspapers.
    Yes. Via the Inquire About a Transaction service.
    Yes, there is and it is in accordance with SADAIA’s national policy to protect personal data.
    Yes. You can contact us, submit a complaint, or make suggestions through the Contact Us page.
    Yes, there is.
    The website supports Explorer 9.0, Fire Fox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and all smart devices.
    Yes. You can find it in the top of the page.
    The website provides its content in Arabic, English and Chinese.
    Make sure all information and data on the violation are available then call the unified call center.
    Through the unified call center or you can contact the Violations Consideration Committee.
    The service to issue licenses for import and export and licenses for petroleum product activities will be launched and announced later.
    Yes, by calling the unified call center – choose number 2 for monitoring petroleum products then number 3 for reports.
    Yes. There is.
    Any entity that conducts an activity that includes using, selling, moving, storing, distributing, importing or exporting petroleum products, which include the basic petroleum products and byproducts resulting from refining, processing or manufacturing.
    Registration and establishment addition.
    You can view the terms and conditions and the implementing regulation on the home page. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" button from the toolbar on the home page.
    Moving, using, selling, storing, distributing, importing, and exporting activities.
    It is a law issued by Royal Decree No. M/18 on 18/10/2017, which aims to organize every trade aspect in the petroleum products includes moving, using, selling, storage, distribution, importing, and exporting.
    The petroleum products trading law and its implementing regulation include the provisions and controls that all those involved in petroleum products trading should abide by and that no violations stipulated are committed.
    All basic petroleum products and byproducts resulting from refining, processing or manufacturing, and the industrial products that contains petroleum products.
    The priced product is government-subsidized.
    The owner, the director or a delegate of the establishment.
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