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Open Data

What is open data?

Open Government Data is the data that can be freely used by anyone without technical, financial or legal constraints. The open data can also be re-used and redistributed, taking into account the requirements of the Open Data license under which such data were distributed. under which such data were distributed.

Go​vernment Open Data helps bridge the gap between governments and citizens. The public benefits from the data provided in different ways, such as:

  • Acquiring a better understanding of how to government agencies work
  • Opening up the opportunities for people to evaluate the performance of various administrative institutions
  • It also allows using the data for research, reports, providing feedback
  • Developing web and smartphone applications and solutions based on government open data

Open Data Portal – DATA.GOV.Sa

The Open Data Platform of Saudi Arabia is an important initiative for implementing a public data hub and strategy to enable transparency, promote e-participation and inspire innovation. The primary role of the platform is to publish datasets from ministries and government agencies in an open format and make this data available to the public.

Terms of Use and Open Data Users' Responsibility

All Open Data Portal visitors are entitled to use and reuse the datasets available on the portal, in accordance with the usage policy.

Conditions of Use:

If you publicly convey this dataset, any derivative dataset, or the dataset as part of a collective dataset, then you must:

  • Do so only under the terms of the Open Data License
  • Include a copy of the Open Data License Open Data License with the Data Set or Derivative Data Set, including both in the Data Set or Derivative Data Set and in any relevant documentation
  • Keep intact any copyright or Data Set Right notices and notices that refer to the Open Data License؛
  • If it is not possible to put the required notices in a particular file due to its structure, then you must include the notices in a location (such as a relevant directory) where users would be likely to look for it.
  • The data must not be used for political purposes, or to support illegal or criminal activity, or to be used in racist or discriminatory expressions, or in bringing about negative influence in culture or equality, or in provoking any behaviour that is illegal or contrary to the customs and traditions of the Kingdom.

You can look at the policy in more detail in the sixth section of the Open Data License.

The provision and use of Open Government Data in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are governed by the following regulations:

Open Data Interim Regulations

Personal Data Protec​tion Interim Regulations