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Customer Charter

MOE portal is an important channel of interaction and communication between MOE and its users.  Since any relationship between two parties requires to set guidelines and general standards to ensure that such relationship is strengthened and developed to maximize benefits, MOE portal has developed a charter for its customers containing, on the one hand, portal's obligations towards its visitors and responsibilities of such visitors towards the portal, on the other hand. 

MOE Responsibilities: 

Based on MOE’s vision and mission, and in pursuit of the objectives of its portal, we seek to provide the best possible services to portal’s customers, including citizens, residents and visitors, as well as business sector. In order to give visitors a more detailed understanding what the portal is doing to achieve these objectives, we have outlined the portal's main obligations as follows: 

Help & Support: 

Portal includes a section to help and support its visitors. This section provides assistance needed by visitors. Portal’s administration has provided various assistance that fits as many visitors as possible. Thus, readable content and assistance files in USB flash drive are provided. Help and Support Section provides detailed information and links to some assistance forms, including frequently-asked questions (FAQ), easy usage, hands-on version, and mobile apps. 

Privacy & Information Confidentiality (Personal Data Policy) 

MOE portal makes its users and visitors information confidentiality a top priority. The portal administration makes its best to provide high quality services to all users.  

Key principles and general rules of the protection of personal data. 

MOE has an Information Privacy Protection Policy for website and its relevant systems and solutions. This policy is compatible with users’ personal data protection legislation which are subject to Personal Data Protection law. This policy aims to set controls related to privacy and protection of MOE’s customers personal identification, sensitive and saved information.
MOE website makes its users and visitors information confidentiality a top priority. The portal administration makes its best to provide high quality services to all users. Privacy and confidentiality of information set out below shall be deemed a part of MOE’s website usage terms and conditions. 

MOE does not collect personal information about you when you visit its Portal unless you specifically and knowingly opted to provide such information to us.  If you opted to provide your information, we shall only use it to complete your request for information or services according to all stated in such policies. By using MOE’s Portal, you agree to this Privacy and Information Confidentiality Policy. 

Visitors and users of the website shall constantly review privacy and information confidentiality’s terms and principles to be informed by any updates made thereto. Bearing in mind that website administration shall not be liable to announce any updates made to such terms and principles. Using MOE’s website means that you have reviewed and approved such terms and principles and any amendments constantly made thereto. 

 MOE is under no circumstances shall be accountable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exceptional damages that arise from the use or inability to use the website. 

Customer Obligations

Since MOE portal is committed to provide the best possible services to its customers, these customers have some responsibilities to ensure their benefits as planned by portal’s administration. Some of these responsibilities towards portal are s: 

Intellectual Property Rights 

 This website is technically supervised by MOE’s General Department of Communication and Media in KSA. All website’s contents namely services and information is the property of MOE which shall be fully protected in accordance with Saudi laws of copyright, trademarks and intellectual property rights. 
Unless otherwise specified, website’s services and materials shall not be sold, licensed, leased, modified, copied, reproduced, reprinted, uploaded, advertised, transferred, distributed, publicly displayed, edited, nor create derivative works therefrom for public or commercial purposes without obtaining the prior approval of MOE’s General Department of Communication and Media. Quoting the website is permissible for scientific, research and awareness-raising purposes only on condition that its name is provided as reference. 
Amendment of website’s content shall be strictly prohibited.
Graphics and images on this website shall be protected by virtue of copyright, they shall neither be reproduced nor exploited in any way whatsoever, without prior written approval of MOE’s General Department of Communication and Media. 
E-service Standards 

Time taken for the accessibility to homepage and all other pages should not exceed a maximum of 6 seconds. 
The time taken for the accessibility to portal's homepage is about the average between 4 to 6 seconds 
Readiness ratio 99% 

Play a leading role in supporting, providing and facilitating e-services, information and transactions between beneficiaries and employees to MOE’s departments and facilities. 


MOE’s e-portal aims to contribute to the realization of the KSA and MOE’s vision by providing e-services at the highest international levels through provision of e-services and information related to all e-services in accordance with globally recognized general standards.


Finding out the newly introduced e-services throughout the MOE’s sectors and departments level and publishing them on the Portal, so as to be easily used.
Ongoing development of portal's content according to highest quality standards
Strategic Objectives

Developing MOE’s portal to be the e-reference for utilization of e-energy services in KSA
Keeping up with the state-of-the-art methodologies and methods in displaying portal's content in order to achieve overall quality in both form and content.
Achieving the highest levels of public communication and interaction with portal's various services at standard levels.
Providing unique model of governmental e-transactions.

All people of KSA, including citizens, residents and visitors
Business Sector
MOE’s Employees
Those searching for information concerning energy in KSA
General Standards

Adopting the world's most advanced technologies in delivering services and protecting customer’s data
Considering the quality of the content through professional cadres.
Compatibility with various browsers and taking into account the users’ various preferences.
Receiving the Portal visitors' opinions and suggestion around the clock.
MOE’s e-portal also keenon enhancing the levels of performance and quality to improve the current ratio and reduce portal’s malfunctions.

Provision of communication and participation mechanisms.

Portal Administration is committed to providing various mechanisms to communicate with customers to ensure the quality of services provided via portal. 

Specific mechanisms for dealing with complaints and inquiries

Complaints and inquiries were automatically linked to concerned departments to expedite message delivery to concerned authority and follow-up until response thereto. The duration of response to messages is set at 3 working days and varies according to subject. In the event of delayed response, the message shall be automatically escalated.

Complaints & suggestions for portal: Portal & E-transactions Department

Unified Call Center: 0000 000 11 00966
Portal Terms of Use

Portal’s users shall review portal’s document and terms of use and comply with all the provisions contained therein.


MOE's portal has developed a number of e-participation channels that ensure the increase of customer interaction with everything published on portal. The e-participation includes a number of participation tools, including e-voting, questionnaires and social media. In order for customers to participate via any of these channel, they shall first comply with the specified standards and terms and conditions of each of these channels.

Complaints & Inquiries

Portal has designed a number of channels and tools that allow its customers to effectively participate and present their opinions to all portal officials, headed by His Excellency the Minister. These channels include communication service through portal and social media, which is an important interactive channels that includes forms for inquiries, complaints and suggestions.