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Portal Security Policy

Portal and Relevant Systems Security Policy

MOE's e-portal makes its users and visitors information confidentiality a top priority. The portal administration makes its best to provide high quality services to all users. MOE Information Security and IT General Administrations not only apply the highest recognized security standards, such as obtaining ISO27001 and ISO22301 certificates but also they regularly update security procedures and measures. The most recent and ongoing measures taken by MOE with regard to information confidentiality and security, include: 

The highest degree of protection is applied by encrypting data and using HTTP.
Using the latest antivirus software and keeping them updated.
Applying recognized quality standards (W3C) in the field of e-portals field.
Strict measures and procedures to protect the security of information and technology that we use to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to used systems.
Regular and periodical updating of protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed the standards.
Providing the portal’s staff with continual training to learn about developments in the e-portals administration field.
Raising awareness of portal’s user and visitor by providing them with detailed information about the usage, confidentiality and information privacy etc., through portal and its accounts on different social media networks.
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