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About Ministry

The Ministry of Energy oversees the activities of the sector through policy creation, regulation, and enablement. The maximization of synergies and achieving harmonious objectives is achieved through the integrated energy strategy.

That includes a hydrocarbon strategy covering upstream and downstream activities (oil, gas, refining, and petrochemicals), electricity (conventional and renewables), and new vectors such as clean hydrogen and carbon management.

The Ministry is responsible for developing these strategies and following up on their implementation, developing supporting policies for the energy sectors, and supporting decisionmakers through conducting studies on various strategies and policies.

Historical Phases of the Ministry

In (1355 AH – 1935 AD), the Public Works and Minerals Authority was established and was affiliated to the Ministry of Finance at that time. In (1372 AH - 1952 AD), the General Directorate of Petroleum and Minerals Affairs was established and was affiliated to the Ministry of Finance as well. In (1380 AH - 1960 AD), the Directorate was made a ministry, named the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, where the Kingdom's Government sought to regulate the investment of natural resources of oil, gas and minerals to achieve more growth and social well-being in KSA, leading to the development and economic prosperity of the country.
In (1437 AH - 2016 AD), a royal order was issued to change the name of the “Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources” to be “Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources”. And in (1440 AH - 2019 AD), pursuant to a royal order, the name was changed from “Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources” to “Ministry of Energy.”​